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Our LAW above did everything he could to stop anything that came at us. That unlimited lives change the last hour of the first half was a very bad call!

Major rule changes like this should never be made during the game without both generals FULL agreement! Our General called Litterbox to see if the rule could be changed back and he said NO, that 3 hits to eliminate the tank was not in the rules.

As far as I know, it has been 3 hits to eliminate a tank and force them to respawn for the last 4 GBGs before this one (we started GBG23).

So my question is why was this changed?

The Titan for the Spring GBG was another cluster due to the continuous rule change/bending/breaking with most the refs not having a clue what the actual distance limit was for the Titan's advance on the Generals tent.

From here I feel we need to decide between 2 or 3 hits before the tank needs to respawn. Others have done 1 hit to disable and a second hit to destroy.

It would be nice to have a light and heavy tank rule set. Light tanks like the walking tanks and small one person lawn mowers should be"weaker" opponents. Fulda Gap's rules for light tanks is a hit anywhere including to the front other than the turrent.

Lil Reb and the CC Military tank would qualify as heavy tanks. Not sure where Honey Badger would fit though but it does use 2 players and since Honey Badger is usually all Red has it should be considered Heavy. EAGLE 5 (Honey Badger's temporary replacement) would have also fit the Heavy tank category especially since it could have ran with 3 players.
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