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I have used a metadyne launcher attached to a geo3 the last 3 gbgs. And it's always been 3 hits an tanks out. That's what I knew the rules as. But at the last hour of this last gbg the rules changed to unlimited lives with a 3 min shut down. Which makes no sense. Tanks can capture an hold a base without worry of having to leave the battle field. It was very disappointing. I know tankers want to be out there an they spent their money to have their tanks. But I've invested a lot of stop them in my weapon. I busted 2 helicopters and 3 tanks in the first 2.5 hours of gbg. If tankers are having that big of difficulty staying alive. Play smarter and better. Not just drive into a sea of people getting kills. Look for the guys with laws. Play smart. Not change rules have way through a game. I'm just stating my feeling. If tanks can't leave field of play. What's the point of spending 4$ a rocket slowing them down. When they will eventually be in your base like this last fall game.
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